Mission & History


To promote, preserve and celebrate the Puerto Rican culture, while actively engaging in community service throughout the Greater New Haven area.


(PRU) was created because of the growing demand from Puerto Ricans living in the New Haven area to relaunch a Puerto Rican Festival. If you have lived, worked, or visited New Haven in the 80s, 90s, or early 2000s, then you remember the Areyto Festival, the Puerto Rican Day Parade, and Loiza Festival were all signs that summer was here in our city! After a roughly ten-year absence, in 2015, Joe Rodriguez, Jhonnathan Rivera, and Edwin Martinez, PRU's co-founders, convened a group of New Haven leaders to help create and launch the organization. In a short six years, the all - volunteer organization has sponsored, hosted, partnered, to produce many local cultural events throughout the New Haven area. From our regional festival, food & toy drives, Parrandas & Holiday celebrations, an annual Three Kings Day Event, an Award Gala, and so much more, PRU continues to grow. In 2017, in response to the awful hurricanes that devastated Puerto Rico, PRU collaborated with local nonprofits such as ARTE INC, JUNTA, the Hispanic Firefighter Association of New Haven, community leaders, and so many more, to launch "New Haven for Puerto Rico", an initiative that helped raise monies and provide relief to our brothers & sisters on the island. Collectively, through many events we raised roughly $100,000. The funds supported appliances for community centers, senior centers, furniture for families, and other essential needs. In 2020/2021, when we were hit with a horrific pandemic, PRU responded to the challenge and utilized its online presence to share local health information. We donated masks and other personal protective equipment to local senior centers, supplies for students, and collaborated to support food and toy drives, while also volunteering at food pantries to distribute food. PRU recognizes that while its mission is to promote and preserve our culture, we have a responsibility to step up and support our community, especially during the most difficult of times. ~ PRU is a charitable organization registered both with the IRS and State of CT. ~